Travel across the Futuverse™ Worlds

Travel lies at the heart of the Futuverse™ experience, enabling users to discover diverse worlds and assume various roles within them. Once completed, the ecosystem will facilitate seamless travel within and between these meticulously crafted environments, each offering unique adventures and challenges both on Earth and in extraterrestrial settings. Currently, users can begin exploring an Early Access of the first world to enjoy an opportunities for adventure and learning.

Economy & Resource Management

In extreme environments, the scarcity of resources necessitates sustainable and efficient management strategies, vital for both survival and the prosperity of communities. Futuverse™ simulates these conditions, blending economic models with practical resource management to show how scarcity-driven societies can foster innovation and resilience. This competitive collaboration encourages innovative solutions to environmental challenges while ensuring community survival.

Futuverse™ cultivates a unique economic and governance infrastructure, creating thriving societies in the most challenging settings—from Martian colonies to ocean-based cities. This simulation platform acts as a vital testbed for developing strategies that enhance resource efficiency and strengthen community resilience, providing a framework for sustainable development in extreme conditions.

First Futuverse™ world: Mars Settlement


Onteco™ Mars simulates a near future in which humans of different origins would live in self-sustaining and sustainable settlements on the Red Planet. The term Onteco belongs to the Esperanto language and refers to the “future”, symbolizing the unity of cultures in a world where borders don’t exist.

Second Futuverse™ world:

Ocean Floating City


In the next century, rising sea levels will gradually submerge coastal and low-lying regions, leading to the salinization of freshwater sources, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases, and disrupting local economies, especially in tourism and fisheries. Vulnerable regions include South Pacific islands and Southeast Asian coastal megacities.


Derived from “thalassa,” the Greek word for sea, Thalassa will be the name for the floating world inside Futuverse™. This visionary solution is designed to be self-sustaining and resilient against the elements, located near threatened coastal regions to provide refuge and continuity for displaced communities. They would feature infrastructure made from durable materials, incorporate renewable energy sources, and methods of sustainable agriculture such as hydroponics and aquaponics. Floating cities could represent a new era of urban living, focusing on sustainable practices and community-driven governance.

Third Futuverse™ world:

Hell on Earth


Regions increasingly ravaged by extreme heat and droughts due to climate change, such as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and parts of South Asia, are projected to experience temperatures that exceed human survival limits without technological intervention. These extreme conditions necessitate a radical rethinking of habitat designs to ensure sustainability and livability.


Derived from the Greek word for fire, “pyra,” and the Latin word for fortress, “arx,” Pyrarx is designed to endure and thrive amid scorching heat and environmental challenges. This robust community within Futuverse™ utilizes advanced cooling technologies and energy-efficient designs developed on Onteco™ Mars, focusing on minimizing heat absorption and maximizing water retention, transforming uninhabitable zones into sustainable, resilient communities.

Fourth Futuverse™ world:



The Moon, rich in helium-3 from solar wind deposition and close to Earth, presents unique opportunities for mining this clean energy resource. It serves as an appealing site for resource extraction, space tourism, and broader space colonization. However, the lunar environment, characterized by extreme temperature shifts, abrasive dust, and radiation, poses significant challenges. Mining operations will also require careful navigation of international agreements on lunar resource exploitation, as per the Outer Space Treaty.


Onteco Moon will explore the logistical, technical, and regulatory challenges of helium-3 mining, supported by blockchain-based governance and economics. This venture is critical for advancing clean energy technologies and broader space colonization efforts and space trade of helium-3 between the Moon, Earth, and Mars.

Fifth Futuverse™ world:

Post-Nuclear War civilization



The aftermath of a nuclear war would bring widespread devastation, posing critical challenges for humanity’s survivors. A nuclear winter, resulting from the smoke and soot of nuclear explosions that block sunlight, would dramatically lower global temperatures, devastating agriculture, depleting water resources, and reducing biodiversity. This catastrophic change would also destroy much of the remaining infrastructure, severely limiting access to medical care.


In Ashia, meaning “hope” in Sanskrit, survivors must innovate to adapt to their drastically changed environment. This new settlement focuses on renewable energy, protected food production environments, and water purification systems. The community in Ashia would foster a culture of cooperation and innovation, aiming to build a resilient, technologically advanced society committed to reclaiming and restoring the habitability of their world, rising from the ashes of destruction.